SeqOnce Biosciences Launches RhinoSeq Rapid DNA Library Preparation Kit

Pasadena, March 21, 2019  —  SeqOnce Biosciences Inc. launches its new RhinoSeq™ DNA Library Preparation Kit for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) sample preparation.

RhinoSeq employs a proprietary kit chemistry that make it the the fastest DNA library preparation kit for the market NGS. The five tube kit is comprised of preformatted master mixes for a simple, fast, and stable workflow. The 12 minute library construction uses a single master-mix that when combined with fragmentation and PCR steps produces libraries in less than 45 minutes. A single size selection step occurs after PCR and the PCR free protocol is less than 20 minutes. Best results are achieved with DNA input between 5 – 100ng.

Chris Angermayer, CEO of SeqOnce, commented, “Our RhinoSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit is a major advance relative to all other library preparation kits on the market and is the first of several product launches that SeqOnce is preparing.  A hallmark of all our products is a fast and simple workflow based upon our revolutionary technologies, reducing a costly and often challenging step in the NGS workflow. The first version of RhinoSeq supports all the Illumina® platforms and we are working several other NGS platform providers to expand the product’s market.”

Dr. Joseph Dunham, Chief Science Officer of SeqOnce and developer of the technology stated, “We are excited about the release of the new RhinoSeq DNA Library Preparation Kit. The new technology is applied to fragmented DNA from any sample source and any genome. It generates a temporary structure that creates sequence specific single stranded overhangs for the fast and efficient ligation of sequencing adaptors. The temporary structure is degraded throughout the protocol steps, and is not sequenced.”

This is the first product launch for the SeqOnce and supports all genomic based DNA library needs for the Illumina platforms across a spectrum of different applications.

About SeqOnce Biosciences, Inc.
SeqOnce Biosciences is developing innovative technologies and products for Next Generation Sequencing, addressing critical research and clinical needs facing today’s scientists.

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