RhinoSeq ASHG Poster 2019 – A 12 Minute, Single Tube, Nanogram Input Library Prep
 for Multiple NGS Applications

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) library construction is a workflow bottleneck. The processes of library construction for DNA and RNA sequencing are complex, error prone, costly, and in general are me consuming. Current commercial products offer multistep, multi-hour sample processing that can be cost and labor prohibitive. These issues have created a demand for a simple, rapid, and cost-effective library construction products that offer users […]

Understanding NGS Library Complexity: Sources of Sequencing Errors & Limits of Detection

Next-generation sequencing is, by definition, “massively parallel.” While the first 454/Curagen GS20 systems yielded a million reads per run, the latest sequencing platforms from Illumina, (NovaSeq 6000 running their highest-capacity S4 flowcell), yields 10,000X the number (i.e. 10 billion reads) per sequencing run. Applications such as somatic mutation detection in cancer samples require increasingly greater […]