Single-Tube qPCR Detection

Pongo Monkeypox Panel A, v1.0

qPCR differentiation of Monkeypox Clade I and Clade II

The Pongo Monkeypox Panel is design for for qualitative multiplex in-vitro nucleic acid amplification to profile various strains of Monkeypox. DNA from Monkeypox virus is generally detectable by samples from lesion swabs during the acute phase of infection. Samples are commonly stored in viral transport media (VTM).

Does not include positive or negative control. See table below, or the Amplification Master Mix product page for recommended Amplification kits.

For Research Use Only. Not intended for in-vitro diagnostics. Not approved by the FDA.


Detects both West African (Clade II) and Congo Basin (Clade I).


Monkeypox virus generic (CDC Design), G2R

Monkeypox virus West Africa, G2R

Monkeypox virus generic envelope protein, B6R

Human RNaseP (control)


Purified DNA from swabs







Amplification 40 cycles

Made in America. Research Use Only.

Approved DNA extraction protocol

CDC recommended targets and sequences, and proprietary targets and sequences

5-10 copies

40 cycles using default ramp rates. 

Enzyme Activation 95°C 2 min

Amplification 40 cycles (95°C 3s, 58°C 1s)

Product Name SKU# Reactions Storage
Pongo Monkeypox Panel A, v1.0 ASMPXV-50 50 -20°C
Pongo Monkeypox Panel A, v1.0 ASMPXV-200 200 -20°C
Recommended Products (Not Included)
Product Name SKU# Reactions Storage
SeqOnce Amplification Kit SQAK1-200 200 -20°C
SeqOnce PLUS Amplification Kit SQPAK-200 200 -20°C

For more information see the Amplification Master Mix page.